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We Have The Best Birthday Parties for Kids in Fargo - Theater Tales

Theater Tales is an exciting new birthday party idea in Fargo. This will be a birthday party your kids will never forget. Looking for something creative, and new for your kids birthday. A Theator Tales Birthday party is an experience your kids, and friends will be talking about for years. They can be the star of the show by sharing their own Theater Tales DVD experience any time with family and friends.

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What happens at a Theater Tales party? Gather a group of 10 to 30 party goers ages 5 and up and we will teach them a song, dance and short play, put them into costume and they will perform their play. We video their performance so they can sit down and watch the show after. The whole program takes less than 2 hours -usually about 90 minutes.

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Watch a video of a Fairy Tales Theater Tales Party

We have four Birthday Party Tales to select from. All story lines/tales are fun creative ideas for kids parties.

Fairy Tales

In a mystical land, far away, pixies, fairies, gnomes and trolls rule the land. But beware, even in the land of make believe, not everyone gets along perfectly. Schedule a birthday party.

Pirate Tales

Meet Captain Plunder on an adventure of finding lost treasure and learning a few lessons along the way. With sea creatures and pirates and possibly a damsel in distress, this tale is adaptable for all genders. Schedule a birthday party.

Enchanted Tales

Where the kingdom is ransacked by trolls and the hero saves the day. Perfect for dreamers who have the ambition of becoming royalty, this tale is adaptable for all genders and perfect for mixed parties. Schedule a birthday party.

Space Tales

Meet a planetary adventurer who unwittingly disturbs the alien planets he/she explores. A tale of miscommunication and misadventure, this tale is one memorable space odyssey. Schedule a birthday party.

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